Prof. Dr. Maar – Curriculum vitae

27th of July 1945 Birth
1954 – 1958 Public school
1958 – 1965 High school Mainz
1965 – 1971 Medical studies
1971 – 1973 Medical assistant, Mainz University
Hamburg Hospital, Hamburg-Eppendorf
Central Hospital, Ludwigsburg
1972 Promotion / degree in medicine (Prof. Dr. Kümmerle
1973 Military Service
Central Hospital, Koblenz
Main Hospital, Koblenz Kemperhof
1976 Birth of daughter Stefanie
1978 Doctor of urology
Membership German and European Society of Urology
Habilitation in the field of hormone receptor determination on renal cell carcinoma
Permission to teach urology
Leading doctor of urology at the University of Düsseldorf
1979 Birth of son Christian
Membership of “Who is who in Medicine”
1983 Associate Director of Urology at the University Düsseldorf
1985 – 1991 Urological dependence in Krefeld
1991 Additional qualification as a doctor of science of nature
1991 – 1998 Dependence as a doctor of complementary medicine (oncology)
1997 Birth of daughter Sabrina Shadine
2010 Birth of daughter Lilia Maria